Watch The Magical Moment A Whale Breaches Right Next To Swimmers

“It was a rush of adrenaline,” Pilgrim told 9News. “Everyone was just hooting and cheering at each other.”

However magical the moment appeared to be, it’s fortunate that Pilgrim and his fellow divers weren’t injured during by the massive mammal, which weighed an estimated 44 tons.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrative warns whale watchers to stay at least 100 yards from a humpback whale, as they can behave unpredictably.

Pilgrim, however, just happened to be at the right place ― safely ― at the right time.

“I spent about an hour in the water with this inquisitive, playful newborn calf,” he wrote in a separate Facebook post. “It was breaching, spy-hopping and having almost as much fun as I was.”

Below, check out Pilgrim’s incredibly detailed photos.

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