Want to hear something funny? Google Assistant has some jokes

Google’s most advanced AI is here in the form of Google Assistant. First, it rolled out in Allo and then it made its way to the Pixel—Google’s first official phone. Soon, Assistant will be here with Google Home to take on Amazon’s Alexa. Until then, the question is: is Assistant any funny?

We’ve already checked out what jokes Siri has, and now we’re checking out what kind of comedic skills Google Assistant has. One of the best ways to give personal assistants personality is through funny jokes and Assistant has plenty. I guess it helps when you hire former Pixar writers.

Google’s previous AI technology, Google Now, had jokes, but they were mostly dull. Google Assistant delivers a more natural voice and promises to be more contextually aware of questions you ask.

Some of Assistant’s best jokes include beat-boxing and an impressive singing ability.

Check out some of the responses Google Assistant gave Jon in the video above.

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