Video Shows Carolina Cop Violently Arrest Black Man For Sitting On His Porch

As seen in body camera footage from both officers, combined below, Yourse explains that he’s waiting for his mom, who has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years, and visits her house every day. 

Yourse is seen on the video attempting to phone his mom so she can speak to the officers. He gives the officers his ID, which lists the address as his residence, and he suggests the officers ask a neighbor to verify that he lives there. 

The exchange escalates when Cole places his hands on Yourse’s chest to stop him from walking away. After Yourse sits back down, Cole snatches Yourse’s phone from his hand while Yourse is talking to someone, asking the person to come to his house because “the police is over here and they harassing me.”

Cole then throws Yourse to the floor and struggles to handcuff him. Amid the scuffle, Yourse repeatedly asks Cole why he’s punching him. When Cole yells, “I’m going to hit you again,” Yourse yells back, “Why?” 

The cops charged Yourse with resisting arrest and assault on government officials. The charges were dropped when Cole resigned from his position in August. The second officer involved in Yourse’s arrest, C.N. Jackson, quit her job on Wednesday. Both ex-officers are white.

Warning: The video below is violent and contains explicit language.

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