Titanfall 2’s single player trailer introduces us to hero Jack Cooper

Titanfall 2 is just a hair under a month away, so the hype train is out of the station and getting up to full speed.

The latest trailer introduces us formally to protagonist Jack Cooper. At the beginning of Titanfall 2, Cooper is a mere rifleman. One of the grunts you popped for extra points in the first game. His admiration for the pilots, the soldiers that control the game’s titular titans, is clear in the trailer, and events at the beginning of the game will force him into the role he wasn’t quite ready for. Cooper will have to step into another pilot’s titan to escape from an enemy planet, bonding with the titan in the process.

The trailer also reintroduces us to the struggle of the Frontier Militia, a civilian army fighting a battle of overwhelming odds against the IMC. The Militia is now producing its own titans, though, giving us a whole new set of titans for the sequel, as well as a good reason why we suddenly have a character developing an emotional bond with a mech.

After a rough tech test (not a beta!), some fans are worried about the multiplayer aspect of the game, but many are excited as well to see what the guys who helped make Call of Duty a mega-hit with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare can do with a new single-player campaign.

Titanfall 2, which went gold this week, releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 28.

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