This Singer Wanted To Honor A Gay Pal’s Struggle With His New Song

New York-based singer-songwriter Jamil Kassam calls his new strain “a strain to all those in need of a voice” that was desirous by a tighten crony who came out as a happy man. 

“I titillate we try to trust in a universe usurpation we for who we are,” a 27-year-old sings in a verse video for “Rise Now,” that was expelled Sept. 16. “So mount adult and arise now, baby.” 

Ultimately, a strain is about “affirming your possess truth, no matter how tough it is and no matter how fearful we are,” Kassam told The Huffington Post. Although he drew on his happy friend’s knowledge in essay “Rise Now,” he added, “I motionless to make it some-more concept so that anyone could describe to it.” 

Kassam was innate in Ivory Coast and spent several years in Paris before he relocated to New York. His general credentials has shabby what he calls a “multifaceted” sound, that is also desirous by Michael Jackson, Queen and Chaka Khan. 

Noting that his goal is about “world commitment” and “striving for tellurian equality,” he told The Huffington Post that a LGBT village has “accepted me for who we am, and we can describe to their struggle.” 

“Rise Now,” he added, has personal resonance, too. 

“As mocking as it was, we satisfied this strain was also about me entrance brazen as an artist and owning my music,” he said. ​

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