This Dicey Landing Will Make Your Stomach Drop

The pilot of a commercial airliner was forced to bail on an initial landing attempt at the United Kingdom’s notoriously windy Birmingham airport, an incident that almost certainly left passengers feeling queasy. 

In a video posted to YouTube by aviation enthusiast flugsnug, a swaying Airbus A321 operated by Thomas Cook Airlines is seen fighting brutal crosswinds as it nears the runway on Saturday. Clearly unable to get the wheels safely onto the tarmac, the pilot guns the engines and heads back into the air.

“When conditions are less than ideal, the particular distribution of buildings and earth mounds etc around BHX usually claims the odd victim, as the unpredictable wind currents and eddies suddenly catch the unfortunate plane,” flugsnug wrote in the post. 

On the second attempt, the pilot safely lands the aircraft, “but not without a further nudge from the atmosphere,” flugsnug wrote.

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and grab your vomit bags.

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