This Complete Real-Time Web and Game Development Course will add an impressive line to your coding resume


App users demand speed and immediacy. Get ahead of the development curve and start creating web apps that instantaneously get you up-to-the-minute information with this Complete Real-Time Web and Game Development Course, now only $35 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

This deal of 70 lectures and more than 6 hours of content will introduce you to Meteor, a hot and increasingly popular JavaScript framework. At its heart, Meteor tackles two areas vital to the creation of popular web experiences: simplified, streamlined development working in tandem with real-time responsiveness.

Throughout your instruction, you’ll learn how to pair Meteor and MongoDB to create web apps that are ultra-responsive to your user’s needs. You’ll end your courses having mastered all the information you need to create apps that will always have instantly updated information — ultimately driving more users to your product or service.

Take your web app building skills up a notch and increase your own marketability as a developer with this crafty course. Get this premium game dev course for 64% off — just $35 — with this  limited time deal.

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