There’s Nothing Like Stunning Nature Photos To Remind You Of How Little You Are

One of the most memorable adventures he’s had, he said, was under a particularly strong Aurora Borealis at Iceland’s Skógafoss waterfall this past winter.

The light was falling from the sky, twisting around, swirling, lighting up the foreground with brilliant greens. I was thinking I don’t want to not remember this. I think myself and other photographers can relate to the fact that when they’re trying got take these photos, it’s hard to completely remember the experience,” Studer said. “But when I take these photos, I’m living in the moment. I just wanted to look up and not take photos. Just stare up and not forget it.

Studer posts many of his images on Instagram, where he enjoys some 60,000 followers. He doesn’t always tag a specific location, though, for fear it might become overrun. His message to fellow travel photographers? “Respect the area, enjoy it and just think about your impact. Try to maintain these beautiful places as they are.”

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