The ultimate resource for building robots, 3D printers, and other tech marvels


Nobody reads anymore. But you just may find the best way to learn a new skill is by taking in the information the way humans have done it for centuries: through the written word.

Right now, workshop tinkerers can figure out how to engineer some amazing new creations with this DIY Hardware Internet of Things eBook bundle–and you can pay any price you want.

Here’s how it works: by paying any price at all, you’ll immediately get two detailed e-books walking you through Arduino-based projects. With Arduino iOS Blueprints and Arduino Android Blueprints, you’ll learn how to use your iOS or Android device to build and control everything from servo motors and security cams.

But if you pay anything over the average price paid by other buyers, you’ll get seven more e-books chock full of projects that’ll challenge and sharpen your engineering chops.

Wanna build wearable tech? The Arduino Wearable Projects e-book will show you how.  Want to create an actual operating system for a robot? With the Learning ROS for Robotics Programming e-book, you’ll have the skills. You can even whip up your own working 3D printer, thanks to your Building a RepRap 3D Printer e-book.

Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things, even Python programming: this bundle of knowledge can open some amazing doors for up-and-coming engineers and programmers. Get more than $330 worth of tech goodness for a price you choose.

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