The PlayStation 4’s best game gets a 4K PS4 Pro trailer

I still haven’t played a game I enjoyed more than Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on the PlayStation 4. Raiding bases, targeting orc leaders, conducting an entire civil war among the orc ranks behind the scenes thanks to the Nemesis System: sorry to say, but Snake got beat at his own game here. This is the best guerilla warfare game of the generation.

Shadow of Mordor had a few problems in regards to its “Ubisoft Towers” exploration system and a few generic design choices, but if there was one game I would go back and play all over again in 4K, it would be this one. Monolith has a brand new trailer available for the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, showing what the game looks like with the new hardware behind it.

The game now runs at 4K resolution, and it maintains its 30fps frame rate.

Is the resolution boost enough to make you double dip?

I’m in no way a member of this crowd, but there is a large group of gamers out there opposed to the idea of playing video games a second time unless there is a practical reason for doing so. Achievements, new game plus, a remastered edition. I mean, why experience something you’ve already experienced? They don’t understand!

With a locked 30fps and a resolution which may or may not play native 4K, Monolith doesn’t specify, is that enough to get you diving back into Middle-earth once again?

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