The mini NES Classic’s controller cables are way too short

Some press outlets and YouTubers are getting their NES Classics today, and that means information is trickling out at a fair clip. Take, for instance, the tweet by Nintendo Force below.

The magazine compares the NES Classic’s controller cord to what we used with the original NES back in the 80s. The difference is roughly 3.5 feet, and not in the right direction.

This isn’t the nostalgia I was hoping for.

When I was a kid (and probably you, too), I sat too close to the TV. Super close. Right up on it, really. My eyes are fine, by the way (MOM!).

Back then, being close to the TV was nearly instinctual. I wanted to be close to the game, and I wanted to have the screen envelop my field of view.

It was also a decision born out of habit from watching TV. When I was a kid, we had two TVs in the house. One was black and white, the other color. Neither had a remote. I sat close in order to channel surf with the dial on the set, flipping between episodes of Flipper and whatever cartoon was rolling.

I’m 31. Everything is wireless now. Here comes Nintendo, rolling out their NES Classic with 2.5 feet worth of cable. Guess we’ll be right up on the TV once more.

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