The entire Mass Effect Trilogy is backwards compatible on Xbox One

Just in time for the first Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer to drop, we have some good news from Electronic Arts and Microsoft: the entire Mass Effect Trilogy is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

When Microsoft revealed Xbox One’s backwards compatibility at E3 2015, BioWare’s beloved Mass Effect was one of the first games they showed and one of the first games to be available to gamers. Since then, though, it’s been total radio silence on whether we’re getting a remake, more backwards compatibility or just a whole pile of nothing. It looks like EA and Microsoft were, instead of being indecisive, waiting for the right moment.

Debuting the first big trailer for the fourth game in the series, set to release sometime in the second quarter of 2017, is perfect. With all three games now available on the system, gamers who have been waiting now have four or five months to make their way back through the series one last time before jumping into Andromeda.

At the time of writing, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 aren’t available on the Xbox Store, but with the announcement that the games will be playable, it shouldn’t be much longer before they are – in case you don’t own them already.

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