The Dominators are coming to The CW’s big DC crossover


When The CW’s superheroes meet in a major DC crossover, they’ll face an old comic foe, according to Deadline. The report says the Dominators are set to appear in the four-way crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

The alien race first showed up in 1967 in the long-running anthology series Adventure Comics. The Dominators are painted as a class of rigid, emotionless aliens who have tall, lanky frames and sharp teeth and nails. They also have red circles on their foreheads, the size of which denotes one’s social status.

After their run in Adventure Comics, the Dominators appeared in 1989’s Invasion!, which saw the villains invade Earth. Deadline has an explanation of what happens in that three-issue limited series:

While the invasion is justified as a means of quelling the threat posed by Earth’s superheroes to the schemes of the various invaders, it’s revealed that the Dominators’ true plan is to harvest our world’s metahumans in order breed their own.

With a ton of premieres on the horizon, very few details about the eventual crossover have been revealed. At least we know which villains to expect ahead of the big event.

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