The Beyond Good & Evil sequel is finally happening, apparently

A sequel for Beyond Good Evil was announced way back in 2008, and ever since then, fans have been clamoring for an update from Ubisoft. Twice last week, series creator Michel Ancel teased the game‘s reappearance.

After those pieces of art put fans at a fever pitch, Ancel has whetted our appetites further with an actual comment on the matter, rather than just suggestions implied by images.

On his Instagram account, Ancel posted the above first image, with an attached comment saying “Game in pre-production – Stay tuned!” The images above each feature anthropomorphic animals found in the Beyond Good Evil lore, and each image has garnered theories from fans about who the characters might be. The rhino is the same type of creature as the ones that run the Mammago Garage in the first game. The pig and human are though to be Pey’J, a primary character in Beyond Good Evil, and Jade’s father, respectively.

As to what pre-production means about an actual release date, that’s tough to say. But after eight years of almost total radio silence, acknowledgement that the game is being made seems substantial. Even so, take it with as much salt as your physician will allow until we actually see the game in action.

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