Tesla Model S hearse ready to shuffle you to your grave

Well this is one of the stranger things I’ve ever reported on but here we are. The car above is a modified Tesla Model S hearse, used to shuffle coffins and dead people from funeral homes to graveyards. The images were first obtained by Electrek.

The Tesla Model S hearse was built by a company named RemetzCar in the Netherlands. It’s not made by Tesla, though presumably interested funeral parlors could try to tap RemetzCar for their own modified Tesla S hearses. There’s plenty of trunk space, enough to fit a coffin, anyway, and the appropriate rollers in place that allow your corpse-holder of choice to slide right in.

I know hearses typically have windows, usually with curtains, but I can’t quite figure out why this needs the massive windows and dual-sunroof that it has. Maybe dead people like to look out windows?

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