Super Mario Run’s modes detailed, new gameplay trailer arrives

Alongside this morning’s official price and release date reveal ($9.99 on December 15), Nintendo’s shared a new trailer for Super Mario Run.

This is the second actual trailer for the game, and it serves as an introduction to both the controls and features. It also reveals the three modes players will find in Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run‘s three modes are World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder

World Tour is the mode we’ve all seen so far. From 1-1 to 6-4, Mario will run as you tap to jump through courses with increasing difficulty and new mechanics.

Toad Rally is the one I’m interested in trying. Here, you’ll take on the ghosts runs of friends and other players around the world. You have to use Rally Tickets that you find in the main game to play this mode, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I especially dig that I’ll be able to compete against my friends.

Finally, Kingdom Builder is essentially a collection and decoration game. You buy stuff with the money earned in Toad Rally. Neat, but not really for me.

Which mode excites you?

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