Sundered, a hand-drawn, 2D beauty from the folks behind Jotun

Sundered has been announced. This game looks absolutely beautiful, though its features are a miss for me right now. If you’re not tired of Metroidvanias yet, this one’s for you. I’m in love with the art style, personally.

From Thunder Lotus Games, the studio behind JotunSundered is described by Creative Director William Dubé on the PlayStation Blog. Dubé describes the gameplay as follows:

In terms of gameplay, Sundered can mostly be described as a replayable Metroidvania, close to Rogue Legacy and Super Metroid. You explore an ever-changing dungeon, fight hordes of eldritch horrors, and chose between humanity or madness.

Dubé totally admits that the team didn’t consider Jotun perfect, so for Sundered they’ve “added more complex mechanics, tons of replayability, and meaningful choices.”

Sundered is slated to hit in 2017. It will sell for, currently, the PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

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