Stranger Things 2: Check out new photos from the upcoming season

Spoilers ahead

When we return to Hawkins later this year, things haven’t quite gone back to normal despite being a year removed from the events of the first season. Will is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, while Nancy and Mike are mourning the loss of their friends, Barb and Eleven, respectively.

Meanwhile, the rift to the Upside Down remains opens, which may leave the door open for a much larger monster, as seen in the first teaser.

Stranger Things 2 returns this Halloween

We have a long time to go before Stranger Things returns to Netflix, but the show’s creators have been pretty generous about revealing juicy information. It’ll probably be a while before we get any new big revelations, so, for now, we have a short teaser and some official photos to go on. Honestly, they do nothing to satiate our craving for more Stranger Things.

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