Stop Telling Me To Keep Fighting. Today Is About Rage.

A Trump presidency ― still can’t actually believe I’m writing those words ― is the greatest political assault on human decency I’ve ever witnessed, and we should all feel terrified.

Yet today, many people will tell you to ignore your emotions. They’ll tell you to stay positive, to keep fighting the good fight, to you know, donate to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. You should be productive! Don’t despair.

They’ll remind you of historical battles and the need to never quit. If you have the impulse to leave the country, they’ll tell you to dig your heels in. After all, you can’t change things by running away.

They are right that we need to double down on fighting the prejudice, sexism and xenophobia that led to Trump’s election. But not today.

Today, we should mourn. Grieve. Scream. Bawl. Lose your fucking shit in any way that doesn’t endanger others.

After a tragedy of this scale, we don’t need to return to the field like an injured athlete who refuses to stop playing. We need a time out to process that an evil undercurrent has become our main political pipeline. Trump’s election means many more Americans than expected hate your gender, your religion, your culture. You.

We should be angry or sad or hysterical or whatever. I can’t tell you how to feel, but feel something.

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