Steam’s having a Halloween Sale! It’s on now


As is tradition, Steam kicked off its Halloween Sale for 2016. While not as huge as Steam’s summer or winter discounts, the Halloween sale is a great way to get spooky games on the cheap.

The Halloween Sale runs from now until November 1 (I removed the placeholder text here). The deals will not change during the sale. What’s discounted today will remain that way until the end, and nothing will get new discounts in the middle of the sale, either. The prices will not change.

The titles on sale include the following, though there are more.

  • Dead Space – $4.99
  • Limbo – $1.99
  • Outlast – $4.99
  • Oxenfree – $4.99
  • Soma – $11.99
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – $9.99

Costume Quest

Why isn’t Costume Quest 2 on sale?! Wait… it is!

Oh, plenty of games are worth playing in this sale. Me? I’ll be firing up Costume Quest 2. This is my Halloween tradition. Granted, I’ve played through the first too many times to really enjoy another ride. The sequel, though? Yes.

It’s not on sale, which was a terrible decision. UPDATE: It is on sale! The price updated well after the sale started. Costme Quest 2 is currently $3.74. The original is $.99. You can get both in a bundle for $3.99. Do it!

What are you looking to buy?

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