Square Enix is bringing Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy XV DLC to Jump Festa 2017

Japan’s popular comic convention Jump Festa will start on Dec. 17 this year, and as usual, Square Enix plans to dominate the show with a huge showing of games. The biggest of these, in Japan’s eyes at any rate, is Dragon Quest XI. The series and Jump! magazine have a long, intertwined history and a huge overlap of fans because of it.

Square Enix promises more footage of Dragon Quest XI at this year’s convention, finally delivering a new look at the game for the first time since it was revealed.

Along with Dragon Quest XI, Square Enix also promises to deliver a trailer dedicated to the first wave of Final Fantasy XV DLC. See the whole list of games and announcements and trailers below.

Dragon Quest takes a back seat to Kingdom Hearts in the West

With Final Fantasy XV now in the wild, there is no question which video game is the most anticipated in Japan now. Dragon Quest XI is going to be huge. It will sell at least a million copies at launch, and if the timing is right, it will also move quite a large number of Nintendo Switch consoles as well. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS just the same, but the Switch is going to be the build Japan rallies around.

However, in the West, this definitely isn’t the case. Dragon Quest XI certainly isn’t the most anticipated video game in development, nor is it even number one among Square Enix fans. Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII Remake are bound to steal its thunder in the West. I can only hope and pray that those fans find the overlapping history between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest and give the rival series a shot.

That’s what I did, and now I enjoy the best of both worlds. Kingdom Hearts is a fine spin-off, but Dragon Quest is immortal.

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