South Korea snaps up 30,000 Galaxy Note 7 units in 2 days

Samsung fans in South Korea don’t seem too concerned about recent problems with the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding battery. When the flagship phablet went on sale there again on Saturday, 30,000 units were snapped up in just two days.

You’re probably already well aware that Samsung was forced to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets last month due to a battery fault that could cause some handsets to explode while charging. Since then, the device has been hard to get hold of.

However, in the past couple of weeks, the Note 7 has slowly been making its way onto store shelves again, starting in the U.S. On Saturday, October 1, the device also went on sale again in Samsung’s home country of South Korea.

According to The Korea Herald, it took just two days for Samsung to sell 30,000 units.

“Even though some of the purchases included preorders made before the recall, sources said the new Note phone has made a successful comeback considering a daily 10,000 unit sales are considered a “hit” within the industry,” reads the report.

The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to return to Europe in November — though it’s already available from some retailers in the U.K. — but Samsung’s priority is still replacing unsafe handsets that are still out in the wild.

Have you swapped your Note 7 yet?

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