Siri gets powerful Skype capabilities!

One of the great things about iOS 10 is its ability to integrate Siri with third-party applications. Developers are continuing to add support for the new feature and, now, Skype is fully supported.

That means you can now say something like “Hey Siri, call Todd” and your iPhone will know to call me up on Skype. Please don’t, though; I’m a busy man.

“Your Skype contacts are closer than ever now that you can store them right in your iOS device,” Skype said. “This means it’s easier to initiate a Skype video call, audio call, or even a Skype IM, without having to go into the app first.”

If you’re on the receiving end of a Skype call on an iPhone, it’ll look just like a regular call, thanks to Skype’s support for Apple’s CallKit.

This should be particularly useful for folks who are traveling abroad and who don’t want to pay exorbitant roaming fees. Now,instead of having to dig through a separate app, just use Siri to make the call.

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