Simplify and expedite PDF editing on Mac with PDF Expert 2.0, now 50% off


PDFs are one of the most common document formats around, but they can be a pain to manage. If you’re a Mac user, you should pick up the PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac app, available right now for $29.99 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

This is the PDF software that scored a prestigious 2015 App of the Year runner-up honor from Apple’s App Store, all but guaranteeing it’ll handle all your Mac PDF needs.

PDF Expert 2.0 will change how you use documents on the Mac, allowing for all the editing functions that can drive you crazy while dealing with PDFs. Reading files is smooth and easy, and editing text, images and links is simple. Annotate to your heart’s content and even execute more complex tasks like merging or working with intricate PDF forms.

Sign PDFs with custom signatures, use passwords to lock up sensitive documents, share your PDFs across Apple devices with amazing ease, or even use a special redact feature to hide certain portions of your PDF from recipients.

PDF Expert 2.0 offers a level of PDF control to Mac users they probably never thought possible.  You can pick up this huge time-saver at half off its retail price for a limited time.

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