Second Galaxy Note 7 recall possible following flight fire

Samsung is facing a possible second recall of the Galaxy Note, which was originally called back in early September, Bloomberg said this week.

The news follows a report of a fire caused by a “safe” Galaxy Note 7 on board a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this week. Before takeoff and shortly after the owner powered down the phone, the Galaxy Note 7 started smoking and flaming.

A second recall could be particularly damaging to Samsung’s brand, particularly since other flagship smartphones like the iPhone 7, Google Pixel and the LG V20 will attract customers away from Samsung handsets.

The second recall is far from confirmed at this point. The U.S. CPSC is investigating, as is Samsung, and Bloomberg said that, unless the two agree on it, it could be many months until an official recall is in place. To be fair, there is no current consensus on whether the new model is safe or not.

If the phone is unsafe, let’s hope the right decisions are made.

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