SeaWorld Just Unveiled A New Plan To Win Back Visitors: Roller Coasters And Education

SeaWorld has been losing visitors by the droves, but it isn’t giving up on trying to lure them back with flashy new rides and shows.

The beleaguered theme park company announced a huge slate of new rollercoasters, rides and animal “encounters” to be added to locations nationwide next year. All told, the additions will cost about $175 million, according to a press release. 

It might take more than fancy new rollercoasters for Sea World to get back in the good graces of travelers after the 2013 documentary “Blackfish” sparked a global backlash by detailing the alleged mistreatment of captive orca whales. 

Each of SeaWorld’s new attractions is carefully designed to promote SeaWorld as a place for education, a continuation of the radical about-face the company made when it finally announced the end of its controversial orca breeding program in March. In San Antonio, visitors will learn about animal rescue missions while they wait in line for a new rollercoaster. In San Diego, a new submarine ride will teach visitors “how they can help protect animals.”

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