Satoru Iwata remembered in special episode of Did You Know Gaming

Popular YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming published a special episode dedicated to former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. The 19-minute episode dives into his the entirety of his career, starting as a student who loved calculators and a prodigy programmer at Kirby studio HAL Laboratory until the final decisions he made at Nintendo to move into mobile gaming.

Satoru Iwata is a legend

Satoru Iwata passed away last July at the age of 55. He was a towering figure in the video game industry, and many viewed him as the perfect bridge between all different facets of game development. This includes executive decisions, design, programming, and, indeed, simply being a gamer and a fan of the products he helped make. He carried experience in all four of these areas, and never did this show better than in his Iwata Asks interview series, where he asked different developers the secrets behind their games.

Many are still missing his enthusiasm and his unmistakable presence in the gaming world, and they are still mourning his absence.

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