Salesforce walks away from Twitter deal


It seemed like just a week ago there were several companies all interested in scooping up Twitter. Now nobody wants it.

On Friday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said that his company is no longer interested in acquiring the social network. Salesforce had been the assumed suitor after other parties walked away. Rumors had suggested firms such as Google and Disney were also interested. “In this case we’ve walked away,” Benioff told Financial Times. “It wasn’t the right fit for us.”

Salesforce walks away from Twitter deal

The Financial Times said Salesforce was the last company that wanted to buy Twitter and was “the only serious contender left.”

That leaves Twitter’s team to search out other suitors, though it’s not immediately clear what firms might be interested. Google seems like a bizarre fit to me, particularly since it doesn’t seem good at social networking. A media company might make a better partner, at least since Twitter is an invaluable tool to media. It doesn’t matter much right now, though. “The sale process is virtually dead,” Financial Times said.

Better luck next time, Twitter.

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