Restaurant to rely on Apple Watch to better serve diners

What place does an Apple Watch have in a restaurant? Until recently, it probably only existed on the wrists of diners and servers who owned the wearable for other reasons. Now, though, one restaurant thinks it can use the Apple Watch to keep operations running smoothly.

According to Eater, Union Square Cafe will deploy the Apple Watch across its employees to help track wait times, orders and more. “When a VIP walks through the front door, someone orders a bottle of wine, a new table is seated, a guest waits too long to order her or his drink, or a menu item runs out, every manager will get an alert via the tiny computer attached to their wrist,” Eater explained.

All of this information will pass through an iPad with the ResyOS reservation application as the brains of the operation, Eater explained. And it isn’t meant for the servers bringing you your food, but rather management and other folks who are in charge of how seamless the dining experience is. In another example, Eater said that a manager could receive an alert and make sure coats are ready at the coat check.

The idea is to eliminate unnecessary obstacles, though one has to wonder if this also sort of creates a bigger problem where one might not always exist. Sure, a busy restaurant in the winter may have a confusing coat-room, but I’ve rarely found it too much of a wait in fancy restaurants that are already focused on customer service. And a missed alert on an Apple Watch, perhaps because a manager or other employee was doing something else, could make things worse for the customer.

I’m curious to see how this pans out and if other restaurants begin to adopt the same idea.

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