Resident Evil 7 teasers introduce shotguns and item boxes, finally looks like Resident Evil

Capcom has released two more teaser videos for Resident Evil 7 in what it is calling a series. We’re sure to see more of these in the coming days.

Our character finds a shotgun tucked away in an item box and then immediately jumps into a menu system to load his weapon. That’s the Resident Evil I grew up loving! You gotta love that inventory management.

The other teaser looks more like the previous trailers with the main character picking up a ringing telephone and talking to a strange voice on the other line.

Hey, this looks like the Resident Evil I know!

The surprising change in these teasers is that the game is starting to look more like a genuine Resident Evil than what previous teasers have shown.

Capcom has vastly changed the way we look at Resident Evil with this latest game, turning to indie first-person horror games like Amnesia: Dark Descent and Outlast for inspiration rather than its predecessors.

It’s a smart turn given the downward spiral of the franchise’s critical reception, but long-time fans think Capcom ist straying too far from its roots. The company claims that the final product will more closely resemble a traditional Resident Evil, and this is the first evidence we’ve seen of that.

Resident Evil 7 will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Jan. 24.

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