Red Dead’s day 2 tease made for a bunch of hilarious tweets


On Sunday, Rockstar Games posted a red image with a faded black Rockstar logo. We went crazy. When the company followed that up with a second image with cowboys against a sunset, we started to hyperventilate. But some people kept their cool and saw the comedy in all of it, turning these simple images into something completely different. One official developer even got in on the fun.

Some people think the next Red Dead game is going to be about being the very best – the best that ever was:

Others know that we’re born to be princes, kings of the universe, fighting to survive in a war with the darkest powers:

Two people on Twitter even claim to know what all this back-and-forth is going to lead to.

Meanwhile, Square Enix knows what a group of cool dudes hanging out in front of a sunset is really all about:

The best one to cross my feed, however, was the one closest to what we can actually expect:

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