ReCore: Play the first 30 minutes for free, update fixes ridiculous loading times

It seems Microsoft is trying a bit harder to get the word out about ReCore, its third-person action shooter from Comcept and Armature Studio. Starting today, folks can download a free trial version of ReCore that will let them experience the first 30 minutes of the title.

This free trial extends to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game. If you decide to buy it digitally, you’ll have access to the title on both platforms for one price. ReCore is selling for $39.99. That’s its launch price, by the way.

I played and reviewed ReCore recently. You can read my full impressions here. It’s a fun action title, though it’s hampered by absurd loading screens and obnoxious fetch quests. Beyond that, I actually liked the game quite a bit.

Which brings me to the other news! ReCore is getting an update today that will decrease loading times and add “audio and visual improvements.” That could be huge for this game.

Try it today. Why not, right?

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