QuickCharge 4 unveiled, launches with Snapdragon 835 processor


Qualcomm had several big announcements on Thursday morning, including QuickCharge 4. It’ll be a feature on smartphones running its next-generation Snapdragon 835 processor, also announced this morning. QuickCharge, if you’re unfamiliar, has allowed smartphones to charge at faster rates while at the plug, so long as the proper hardware and cables are used.

Qualcomm said QuickCharge 4 will charge devices faster and more efficiently than QuickCharge 3.0 and earlier iterations of the technology. “For typical premium phone users, Quick Charge 4 is engineered to extend smartphone use by five or more hours with only five minutes of charging,” Qualcomm said. “Using Dual Charge, Qualcomm Technologies parallel charging technology, users can enjoy up to 20 percent faster charging and up to 30 percent higher efficiency compared with Quick Charge 3.0.” QuickCharge 4.0 is supported by USB-C technology.

Fast charging is already super fast

We’ve already been blown away by the speed of which QuickCharge 3.0 operates, as well as competing technologies like Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging and Oppo’s Super VOOC Fast Charge, which is used in the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The speed at which QuickCharge 4 will operate will depend on the size of the smartphone battery in use, but you can expect to spend less time waiting for your phone to charge and more time using it.

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