PS4’s HDR feature won’t work with PSVR plugged in

If you have stacks on stacks of hard green backs lying around, you might be picking up Sony’s two big hardware releases this fall, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation VR. In that case, you might even have an HDR-ready television to go with them. If you’re hoping to use both, though, you can look forward to swapping cables.

The PlayStation 4 Pro offers true HDR color for any games built to support it via the HDR10 standard supported by new 4K televisions, allowing for brighter, more lifelike color. The PlayStation VR connects to the PlayStation 4, Pro or  Slim, through a “Processor Box” that allows the system to output to both your headset and your television at once, as well as handling audio processing for VR. The Processor Box allows for passthrough, such as playing non-VR games and watching video, even at 4K resolution, but the box doesn’t support HDR content. That means that two of the most touted features of this year’s PlayStation 4 hardware are distinct and separate. The PlayStation VR headset wasn’t ever going to offer HDR color, but this means that users will have to choose between skipping HDR and having to go through swapping out cables.

It’s not the biggest burden in the world, but I already sat down, and the cables are way over there, and I have this sandwich already made.

This seems like a weird decision, especially in conjunction with the lack of support for Ultra HD Blu-ray on the PlayStation 4 Pro. They’re little things, but they suggest that the hardware might’ve been a bit under-baked during development.

The PlayStation VR hits on October 13, while the PlayStation 4 Pro will release on November 10.

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