Pokémon Sun and Moon’s first Global Mission begins – Catch 100 million Pokémon!

If you’re playing Pokémon Sun and Moon, you’ve likely noticed the Festival Plaza in the game’s menu. If you’ve actually tapped that and gone in, you’ve found a small mini-area that dishes out tiny quests for a currency called Festival Coins (FC). FC can be used to dye clothes, get items and a lot more.

You earn FC with missions, most restricted to minor stuff in the Plaza with a yield that’s rather low. Now we have our first Global Mission, an effort that’s linked to the entire Pokémon Sun and Moon playerbase.

The whole world needs to catch at least 100 million Pokémon between now and December 12 at 23:59 UTC. That’s a lot of Pokémon, right? That shouldn’t be too daunting given the massive amount of copies sold.

You’ll need to visit the Festival Plaza with your game connected to the Global Link to participate. Talk to the woman at the desk in the castle there, and she’ll set you up. As you play, update your progress with Game Sync.

What do we get if we complete Pokémon‘s first Global Mission?

No matter what happens, everyone who participates gets 100 FC. That’s a good stack for minimal effort. If the world clears the goal, all participants will win up to 2,000 FC. Now that’s a great stack.

Get out there and catch some Pokémon!

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