Plex Cloud ditches the always-on PC for a more elegant solution

Using Plex as your own personal Netflix has always been a tantalizing proposition for folks willing to set it up on an always-on computer. Now you don’t even need that. Plex Cloud aims to make that a thing of the past.

As the name suggests, Plex Cloud takes advantage of the cloud by allowing users to store and stream their content from Amazon Drive. That means your PC doesn’t always have to be on in order to access your library of content; now, everything lives in the cloud.

“We take care of all the annoying stuff like software updates and power bills,” Plex wrote in a blog post on Monday. “Our Cloud Elves (that’s totally a thing) have even worked a little bit of magic to bring you all the sweet, sweet transcoding capability usually reserved for more powerful home servers.”

If you currently have a robust Plex setup, chances are Plex Cloud isn’t for you. The company says this isn’t a copy of your local Plex Media Server, which means you’ll have to start from scratch if you want Plex Cloud up and running. But once your content is in the cloud, you’ll be able to stream it from anywhere on any device that supports Plex.

While you aren’t required to have your own server, there are some costs that come with Plex Cloud. In addition to needing a Plex Pass subscription ($4.99 per month; $39.99 yearly; $149.99 lifetime), you’ll also need to subscribe to Amazon Drive, which is $59.99 per year. Amazon Drive offers unlimited storage for photos, videos, music, and more; you can try it free for three months.

According to Plex, not all Plex Media Server features are available in Plex Cloud, like offline playback, but the company is working to add them in the future. Meanwhile, Plex also says that it’s working to possibly support other storage providers in the future.

Plex Cloud is currently in beta, which you can sign up for starting today.

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