PlayStation VR: Best Buy will open early on Oct. 13 for launch

Best Buy announced on Thursday that it will begin selling PlayStation VR in its stores on October 13.

The retailer said about 350 of its locations in the United States are set to open early, at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 13, to start satisfying customer demand. West-coasters won’t be out in the cold while their east-coast counterparts get early access. Best Buy said those stores will open at 9:01 p.m. on Oct. 12, giving everyone equal grounding.

Check here to find a Best Buy location near you that will be open early. Also be sure to check out our PlayStation VR hands-on for more information.

The takeaway? If you missed your chance to pre-order PlayStation VR, you may just want to head over to Best Buy. I find myself going there more and more, not only for the instant gratification I get from buying immediately, but because sometimes it’s the best place to grab a new product.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case for the iPhone 7 pre-orders at Best Buy, but it sounds like PlayStation VR stock is locked down for this launch.

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