Play Dishonored 2 a day early if you pre-order – 7 minutes of gameplay footage

Bethesda has a plan in place to get Dishonored fans to pre-order the game, a thing that I really think people should never ever do. If you pre-order Dishonored 2, you’ll be able to play the game a full day ahead of its release date.

That goes for all platforms. The official release date of Dishonored 2 is November 11, 2016, though pre-order players can stealth (or murder) their way to victory on November 10 if they simply can’t wait.

I get it, the hype bus doesn’t have brakes. Consider installing them, maybe.

Hey, there is some really sweet gameplay footage out there for Dishonored 2. How about eight minutes of action to whet your appetite? I know, this is the type of stuff that sort of encourages pre-orders. Maybe just save the release date in your calendar instead?

Oy, it looks good. We’ll have more on Dishonored 2 as it comes.

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