Overwatch: Watch as one player takes Sombra from Gold to Diamond as the haters cry

She’s a hero that demands a lot of skill, and I totally admit that I might not be up to playing her. That said, I don’t get mad with what others do.

The players from the more toxic side of Overwatch, though, become furious when folks pick Sombra (much like, say, Hanzo). YouTuber and Overwatch player Bunsen embraces that fury, and takes Sombra from Gold to Diamond in competitive. The video recap sits below, and it’s awesome.

HEADS UP: There’s some NSFW language here.

This should remind you of the Lúcio video from a while back

Back in November, we posted a video from DSPStanky as they took their sick Lúcio skill from console to PC, silencing the haters and attaining an absurd rank in the process. This justice was glorious, too.

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