Obama burns Samsung with hilarious Galaxy Note 7 joke

Looks like President Obama even followed the recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The phone, which was prone to catching fire, recalled twice, and eventually scrapped altogether, made its way into a recent speech Obama made down in Florida this week.

Obama didn’t mention the Galaxy Note 7 by name, but it was clear as day what he was referring to. We won’t dive into the politics at hand, since we know you’re here to read about tech and nothing else, but Obama was basically discussing making an upgrade to Obamacare in the United States. He likened the upgrade to making changes to a smartphone, as companies tend to do with different model variations each year.

President Obama’s Galaxy Note 7 joke…

“When one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone, and it has a few bugs, what do they do? They fix it, they upgrade,” Obama said. Then he delivered this kicker, a stinger Galaxy Note 7 reference: “Unless it catches fire and then they just, then they pull it off the market.”

Oh no, he didn’t! Oh but he did.

Nurse! Pass me a gallon of aloe! I’m not sure what stung more, the Galaxy Note 7 or President Obama’s punchline, but Samsung definitely needs a trip to the burn ward.

You can catch a clip of President Obama’s speech at the source link below, where CBS covered the politics of the story.

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