New Galaxy Note 7 reportedly explodes in China

Samsung’s already confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 units sold in China don’t suffer from the defect that caused the battery to overheat, prompting a massive recall. However, a few incidents have still occurred in the country, with the latest one allegedly taking place just this week.

Bloomberg reports that a Galaxy Note 7 purchased through Chinese online shopping site caught fire on Monday shortly after it was purchased. Hui Renjie, the 25-year-old who bought the device, says the explosion injured two of his fingers. It also damaged his MacBook.

After reporting the incident to Samsung, a company representative came to collect the device. However, Hui refused to return it. He told Bloomberg he doesn’t believe the company will reveal what caused the explosion. He also wants to use the device to draw more attention to the issue in China.

Samsung is still sorting out its global Galaxy Note 7 recall, which affected over a million devices and is expected cost the company at least $1 billion. So far, China hasn’t been included in the recall despite several reported incidents in the country. The South Korean company stated earlier this month that it believes incidents were caused by “outside factors” rather than the documented overheating battery defect.

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