New evidence points to Microsoft Surface all-in-one computer


New evidence suggests Microsoft is indeed gearing up to launch an all-in-one Surface-branded desktop computer.

The latest evidence comes in the form of a “Surface Ergonomic Keyboard” that passed through the Bluetooth SIG and was spotted by WinFuture. One could easily write this off as “just another keyboard” but I think it’s more than that.

My guess is that this is the Bluetooth keyboard that will ship with Microsoft’s rumored “Cardinal” all-in-one computer. It’s rumored to make its debut at a still-unannounced Microsoft event sometime this month, perhaps alongside minor refreshes to Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet.

Not much is known about this computer, but this is some pretty strong evidence that it exists. We doubt Microsoft would just launch a “Surface Ergonomic Keyboard” without a computer to use it with.

Now we just need to wait for Microsoft to tell us when its event takes place.

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