New Apple ad delivers balloon-filled look at iMessage features

For the all the new dazzle iMessage got with iOS 10, one thing it didn’t get was simplicity. The new features are pretty cool and can be quite useful, but they are also overcomplicated, hidden in a tiny button behind a miniscule right-pointed arrow. It seems Apple might be getting the hint and is working on pushing the new features with its new ad.

One of the major new additions to iMessage is screen effects. You can send a message and amplify their effect with lasers, balloons, confetti, fireworks or a shooting star. This particular ad focuses on the balloons effects, and it’s full of Apple’s ever-present marketing prowess.

Following a lonely balloon around, it makes its journey through a scenic green valley, to a metropolis, and concludes its journey in a woman’s iPhone, where the balloon effects bookend the story. It looks like something out of a live-action adaptation of Up and continues Apple’s “practically magic” marketing moniker with the new iPhone 7.

If you’ve been hesitant to use the effects, this ad will certainly reignite your interest in the new feature. The new additions have not been without issues, and the complexity of an App Store in iMessage is quite convoluted, but these features certainly do their best to differentiate iMessage from What’sApp, Messenger and now Allo.

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