Moto Z comes with free Moto Projector Mod at Best Buy

Now that the Galaxy Note 7 is out of the picture, I’m searching far and wide for the next best Android smartphone. I’m not convinced it’s the Google Pixel just yet, and the Moto Z has my eye. If you’re also interested in Motorola’s latest smartphone, you may want to head to Best Buy.

Best Buy is currently selling the Moto Z and Moto Force Z and bundling the phones with a free Moto Projector Mod. That mod, which allows you to project up to a 70-inch image of anything on your phone, including movies, typically costs $300.

Best Buy has a small catch, though. You need to buy the smartphone on Verizon with a monthly installment plan or a two-year contract. It doesn’t appear to apply to a device purchased at full cost.

Moto Z with free projector

The Moto Z is one of the most compelling devices on the market right now, thanks to unique (though expensive) mods. With Best Buy tossing one in for free, you get a function no other major smartphone on the market offers right now. Hit the source for the deets.

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