More than 60 percent of recalled U.S. Galaxy Note 7 units have been returned

Samsung said Tuesday morning that more than 60 percent of recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices have been returned in the United States and Korea. Samsung’s latest data again shows that customers appear to be sticking with the device.

“Around 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 users have been choosing a new Galaxy Note 7 since products became widely available,” Samsung said. The company began offering replacements on September 21 and, in some cases, even earlier. Samsung said the exchange program has been particularly effective in Singapore, where more than 80 percent of Galaxy Note 7 users have swapped out their devices.

I’m traveling tomorrow, and I hope that, as the exchange rate continues to increase, airlines start to lift warnings against the device. I have a feeling we’ll still be asked to power down Galaxy Note 7 units. While I agree with the proactive safety measures, it’s not going to do much to help Samsung’s brand as it works to change consumers’ minds about the Galaxy Note 7.

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