Monster Hunter Stories’ explosive intro video does the series proud

Just because Monster Hunter Stories is aimed more at children, don’t think that Capcom is going to skimp on the production values for its opening sequence. In fact, that might be just a reason to go even more all-in!

The company’s longstanding tradition of high quality introduction videos carries over into this exciting Nintendo 3DS hit. Monster Hunter Stories launches this week in Japan, and I can’t think of many who would not predict it to be a major hit. I’ve seen this video playing in all of my local gaming stores, and gamers of all ages are excited for what it has to offer!

Now, if only the rest of the world could join in the fun! Monster Hunter Stories launches on Oct.8 in Japan, but no English localization has been confirmed for the rest of the world just yet. E-mail Capcom and let them know you want this game!

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