Mini NES video shows emulation is far better than the Wii U


Many people have judged Nintendo’s highly anticipated NES Classic Edition, aka the Mini-NES, at strict face value for this upcoming season. 30 games, $60, roughly $2 a game. Not so bad, and it’s certainly a cheaper option than buying each of the games individually through the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS Virtual Consoles.

Well, here’s a little secret about this new Mini-NES. It actually provides a much higher quality of emulation than either of Nintendo’s main products. For both platforms, the NES’ emulator has often been criticized for how exceptionally dark it renders the games. I’ve heard plenty of rumors as for why this is, but those who purchase the Mini-NES this coming holiday season need not worry about it.

Nintendo has gone about fixing its emulator for the $60 device, as shown off in a video by GameXplain below.

Definitely worth the upgrade for the proper coloring alone. The differences here are huge, and I’ll be picking both the North American and Japanese models up, for sure.

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