Midweek podcast: A year after the Liberals’ election victory

The pieces on the Canadian political board were completely rearranged on Oct. 19, 2015.

The anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s surprise victory is being celebrated with report cards and analysis of the federal government’s performance since. 

CBC reporters Catherine Cullen, Susan Lunn and Tom Parry sat down with Chris to discuss where they were a year ago, how the Liberals have done since, and what obstacles lie ahead.

“We keep saying, when is the honeymoon going toend?” said Parry. “When does the shine come off this and what is it going take to take the shine off.”

Cullen pointed out that the uncertainty surrounding the future leadership of the Conservatives and the NDP might be helping the Liberals.

“Are his primary political opponents then the premiers, are they the provinces? Will the other parties, as they find leaders, prove to be more vociferous or more pointed in their attacks?” she said. “Will it be his own actions that will challenge him the most? His ability to live up to those promises?”

Lunn agreed that the future of the Trudeau government will at least partly be shaped by the politicians sitting across the aisle.

“The big issues of climate change, health-care spending, deficit spending, infrastructure, immigration… Before we can get a sense of the contrast with Trudeau, we have to get the new leaders set and go from there,” she said. 

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