Mass Effect Andromeda teaser hints at November 7 news

For almost as long as Mass Effect has been around, November 7 has been N7 Day in honor of the N7 emblazoned on trilogy protagonist Commander Shepard’s uniform.  N7 Day is less than a week away, and it looks like we’re going to get some substantial information about the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.

We saw the first gameplay footage of the game earlier this fall when it was used to show off the PlayStation 4 Pro. While that gave us a look at what the game looks like in motion, it told us very little about how it’ll actually play or just what the heck is going on in this new Mass Effect series. Today, however, developer BioWare posted the above teaser encouraging us to “Join the Andromeda Initiative.”

We can likely expect some hard information about the story, as well as some idea of how exploration and combat will work. We’ll find out just what BioWare has in store on November 7.

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