Martha Stewart Started A Chain Of Coffeeshops, And They’re Perfect

Mmm, Martha. 

In recent years, the domestic goddess Martha Stewart has kept busy with some hilarious Twitter hijinks and a DIY meal delivery service. But it’s her burgeoning chain of miniature coffeeshops that really gets us percolating.

The first Martha Stewart Cafe opened last year in the New York City headquarters for Martha’s media brand. This weekend, a second location opened inside a Macy’s store in Sacramento, and another will open next month in a Macy’s in Dallas. 

While a fourth location hasn’t been confirmed, according to Eater, we can only hope the chain continues to grow.

Guests at Martha Stewart Cafe are treated to Martha’s signature blend of coffee, as well as pastries and tea. The NYC location sells Martha’s granola by the bag. And as you may have guessed, everything ― from the jars of herbal infusions to the signature typeface on the cups ― looks picture-perfect. 

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